Advantages of Home Generator Installation

It’s not uncommon to lose power during severe weather or other issues, such as power grid failure. Unfortunately, because climate change is getting worse, severe weather events are increasing. If you do lose power, it can be quite inconvenient or even dangerous. So, you may have thought about having a whole home generator installed. If you are considering a whole home generator, read on to learn a bit about these generators and some of the advantages of having one of these generators installed.

Portable generators can certainly be useful in an emergency. But, they do have some inconveniences, such as needing fuel and requiring you to start them, unlike a whole home generator which can be wired directly into your home’s electrical system, thus allowing it to be easily used should your power go out.

When considering purchasing a generator, you may have also considered a portable generator. These generators are good for keeping power to a limited number of appliances or a couple of power outlets. However, this is not nearly as convenient as a whole home or standby generator. Here are some benefits of a whole home generator.


Unfortunately, thieves could easily see a power outage as a good time to steal from your home because they know your lights and security system aren’t likely to be working. But, with a whole home generator, your home will have power.

Whole home generators also don’t emit as many fumes as portable generators, which could make them safer than portable generators. The fumes from portable generators may increase the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

It’s not unusual to lose power in bad weather, and these outages can last from hours to many days. If the temperature isn’t particularly hot or cold, this may not be too much of a problem. But, with more extreme temperatures, it can be dangerous. Freezing temperatures or very high temperatures could hurt your family’s health.

Saves Money

If your home loses power for a long enough period, the food in your refrigerator and freezer could spoil. Freezing temperatures could also cause damage to your house if your pipes freeze. If your pipes freeze and burst, it could require expensive repairs.


Whole house generators start automatically when the power goes out and can stay on as long as needed. These generators can keep your appliances running as usual. They also don’t need fuel added regularly as portable generators do.

Prevents Flooding

If your home has a sump pump, a standby generator can be even more important. If the power goes out and you aren’t home, your sump pump could stop, and your basement might become flooded. But, with this generator, your home will have power, and your sump pump will stay on.

Avoid Power Surges

It’s not just the power outages themselves that can cause trouble; reconnecting the power can cause trouble as well. When the power company restores the power, it could cause power surges which could result in electrical damage. But people with home generators don’t have to worry about this because they can change to generator power quickly when needed.

Final Thoughts

A whole-home generator may be expensive, but the many advantages of having it are likely to make it worthwhile. Not only do you get convenience and peace of mind, but if a long power outage occurs, it could save you money.

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