Five reasons you should never do your own electrical work



Doing your own repairs and maintenance has become very popular. For many people, this is their first choice if something needs to be fixed. It may seem cheaper, and many people believe they can just look up how to do it online. So, they think a professional is unnecessary.

But this doesn’t always work. Some repairs can be very complicated and not go well. They may even end up costing more than hiring a professional. Additionally, there are repairs that aren’t safe to do yourself and could result in serious injury, and electrical repairs are one of these. There are a few simple electrical tasks that can be done safely with proper care, such as replacing light bulbs or installing a fan, as long as the power is turned off. But most of the time, doing your own electrical work is not a good idea, and we will explain why in this article.

Risk of Injury

Clearly, the biggest danger in performing electrical work is the possibility of being electrocuted. Some electrical shocks can be mild, but in other cases, the voltage could be high enough to cause immediate death. For example, some household appliances reach 240 volts, which is enough to kill a person.

Some people turn off the power to their homes to do electrical work. But, even this is not entirely safe. It is easy for a non-professional to make mistakes that could leave open wires that could accidentally electrocute a person or pet in your household.

Potential Fire Hazard

Doing your own work can also create fire hazards due to incorrect wiring or other issues. In some cases, even one mistake can cause a short circuit and then an electrical fire. Sometimes these mistakes might not cause a fire immediately. The fire may not start until there is a power surge or another issue that gets past safety measures. By then, you may not be prepared to deal with it, which would increase the risk of someone being injured. This makes it vital to have electrical work performed by an experienced electrician that will make sure the job is done safely and correctly.

Permits and Inspections

Some homeowners may not be aware that a permit is required for certain types of electrical work. These permits are generally required for the protection of the building’s occupants. There are also often building codes that must be met when doing electrical work, which a licensed electrician will be familiar with, but a typical homeowner will not be. You may be tempted to ignore these requirements, but if you have a fire and try to use your homeowners’ insurance, you may find that the do-it-yourself repairs invalidated your insurance. Additionally, since electrical components must pass inspection to be used, DIY repairs could result in significant fines if a fire occurs or if you decide to sell your home and it needs to be inspected.

Final Thoughts

There are many reasons it is best not to do your own electrical work, but the most important reason is to protect the safety of your family and yourself. Hiring a licensed electrician will help ensure that any electrical work is done safely so as to avoid harm to your family or your property.

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